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Imagine sharing your daily challenges and long-term ambitions and aspirations with an objective, yet knowledgeable partner. An adviser who has your success and interests in mind. Many of the most successful corporate executives in America have a coach in their corner, guiding them in identifying and stretching toward long-term visions while thriving in day-to-day operations. Nancy Riesz can be your Catalyst, providing a fresh perspective and giving you an inside edge over the competition.

What is CATALYST Coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one partnership that provides a fresh perspective, a catalyst to stir you to action so you can hurdle the barriers that are keeping you from doing the things you most want and need to do. A coach is part consultant, part motivational speaker, part guide and part of your support team.

Ongoing coaching allows thriving executives to tap into outside expertise and advice on a regular basis. As your coach, Nancy provides:

  • Awareness - insight into why you do the things you do in the way you do them
  • Connections to who you really are and what you truly want
  • Methods to Balance the often competing demands of professional & personal lives
  • Focus to keep you on track
  • Clarity - direct, relevant feedback
  • Training on the skills you need to excel
  • Perspective from an objective observer
  • Possibility Thinking to create the ideas, solutions and the new results you want
  • Enthusiasm , challenge and inspiration to bring out your best
  • Someone who really Listens to you
  • Encouragement to let go of habits you no longer need
  • Knowledgeable support for new behaviors
  • Accountability – commitment to a plan of action

How does it work?

Working with you by telephone or in person, Nancy helps you to assess needs, set goals and identify and move beyond obstacles. During one-on-one sessions, she works with you to monitor progress, guide you to solutions and help identify the best course of action as circumstances evolve and change. Nancy provides unbiased perspective with your success and prosperity as the goals.

Who can benefit?

  • Executives desiring a positive balance in their lives and businesses
  • High potential individuals seeking additional development
  • Organizations who want to be leaders in their field
  • Managers wanting to improve their relationship skills



Invest in yourself and your organization. Find out how Nancy can be the Catalyst for your success and achievement. Call 513.941.8802 or e-mail to today! 
3288 Cherryview Lane North Bend, Ohio 45052-9526
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